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Open Notebook Science Using Blogs and Wikis

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Title Open Notebook Science Using Blogs and Wikis
Date 2007-06-11T20:23:09Z
Creator Jean-Claude Bradley
Subject Chemistry
Description The first half is a summary of how the Bradley group at Drexel University is doing Open Notebook Science with the UsefulChem project to synthesize and test novel anti-malarial compounds. Graduate student Dave Strumfels' code to compute kinetics from JCAMP NMR reaction profiles is then highlighted. Finally screenshots are shown of a building on Nature Island in Second Life where Beth Ritter-Guth and Eloise Pasteur have helped to set up a poster room with NMR spectra, molecules and an organic chemistry quiz that can be activated by clicking on an obelisk.   
Source Nature Precedings
Type Presentation
Rights Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License