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Collection development in the digital era


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Title Collection development in the digital era
Creator Pandita, Naina
Subject Data Collection
Library Science
Information Storage and Retrieval
Information Centers
Information Services
Description Collection Development is a vital process in creating and building a library collection, be it in an institution, college, school or a public library. It is a well planned activity for which a well defined policy is essential. The development primarily includes acquisition, selection, evaluation, preservation and weeding out materials/books/journals, etc after assessing user needs. With the advent of Internet and the digital era, there has been a shift from hard copy formats to digital formats. Accordingly the collection development policy has been modified to include the digital content in a collection. Costs of building the collection have also to include the cost of technology and distribution of digital content also has to be re-devised. The Open Access Initiative is the new phenomena in this digital era wherein digital material is available freely. Once again the entire process and policy of content development would have to be worked out and re-designed.
Date 2004
Type Article
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