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Health services for the common man over National Informatics Centre’s network (NICNET)


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Title Health services for the common man over National Informatics Centre’s network (NICNET)
Creator Dash, Shefali S
Chakraborty, Shalini
Ray, Dibakar
Pandita, Naina
Subject Health Personnel
Medical Informatics
Information Centers
Information Services
Health Manpower
Health Facilities
Description Telemedicine broadly encompasses the technology of transmission of medical data from one site to another. Basically used for “online” consultation between experts it aims at improving patient care and treatment. National Informatics Centre (NIC), set up in 1976 has heralded the era of IT in the country and with the setting up of the computer based communication network, NICNET, NIC was able to serve the common man in the country by connecting the entire nation with the largest VSAT based network. NIC has been catering to the needs of medical professionals, researchers and laypersons through its biomedical information services since 1986. By setting up Community Information Centres (CICs) in the remote areas of North East, NIC was able to reach out to common man in this region by providing Internet and email services right up to the block levels. NIC is now proposing to design a hospital databank, which would enable the people of this region to locate specialists in their districts or neighbouring districts. This would also provide information on facilities available in the hospitals.
Date 2004-02-25
Type Conference or Workshop Item
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