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Simulation Of Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustors Firing Indigenous Lignite

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Title Simulation Of Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustors Firing Indigenous Lignite
Creator Ozkan, Mert
Subject TP Chemical Engineering 155-156
Circulating fluidized bed, Turkish lignite, NOx emission, mathematical modeling.
Description A comprehensive model, previously developed for a rectangular parallelepiped shaped 0.3 MWt circulating fluidized bed combustor (CFBC) fired with high calorific value coal burning in sand and validated against experimental data is adapted to cylindrical configuration and is extended to incorporate NOx formation and reduction reactions and pressure drops around cyclone, downcomer and loop seal. Its predictive accuracy is tested by applying it to the simulation of Middle East Technical University (METU) 150 kWt CFBC burning low calorific value indigenous lignite with high Volatile Matter/Fixed Carbon (VM/FC) ratio in its own ash and comparing its predictions with measurements. Favorable comparisons are obtained between the predicted and measured temperatures, pressure profiles and emissions of gaseous species. Results reveal that predictive accuracy in pressure profile strongly depends on the correlation utilized for entrainment in dilute zone and that accuracy in NO emission requires data on
partitioning of coal nitrogen into char-N and volatile-N and is affected significantly by dilute zone oxygen content.
Publisher METU
Contributor Selcuk, Nevin
Date 2010-11-01
Type M.S. Thesis
Format text/pdf
Language Eng
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