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Synthesis And Characterization Of Ethanol Electro-oxidation Catalysts

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Title Synthesis And Characterization Of Ethanol Electro-oxidation Catalysts
Creator Demir-kivrak, Hilal
Subject QD Electrochemistry, Electrolysis 551-562
Ethanol electro-oxidation, Pt, Pt-Sn, Pt-SnO2, hydrogen adsorption, carbon monoxide adsorption, particle size, CNT support, tin addition, oxide phase
Description In this study, the role of defects, the role of Sn in relation to defects, and the role of oxide phase of tin in ethanol electro-oxidation reaction were investigated. Firstly, adsorption calorimetry measurements were conducted on monometallic (1%Pt, 2%Pt, and 5%Pt) and bi-metallic (5% Pt-Sn) &gamma
-Al2O3 supported Pt catalysts. It was observed that while saturation coverage values decreased, intermediate heats remained same for Pt-Sn catalysts by the increasing amount of tin. The effect of particle size was investigated on Pt/C (pH=5), Pt/C (pH=11) catalysts at different scan rates. At high scan rates (quite above diffusion limitations), current per site activities were nearly the same for 20% Pt/C (E-Tek), Pt/C (pH=11), and Pt/C (pH=5) catalysts, which explained as electro-oxidation reaction takes place at the defects sites. Furthermore, the effect of support on ethanol electro-oxidation was investigated on CNT supported Pt catalyst. Results indicate that only the metal dispersions improved ethanol electro-oxidation reaction and support did not have any effect on ethanol electro-oxidation reaction. Results on the 20% Pt-Sn/C (15:1 to 1:1 Pt: Sn atomic ratios) and 20% Pt-SnO2/C (6:1 and 1:1) catalysts indicated that ethanol electro-oxidation activity increased by increasing tin amount. For 20% Pt-Sn/C catalysts, Pt-Sn (6:1)/C indicated best activity. On the other hand, 20% Pt-SnO2 (6:1)/C catalyst was better than Pt-Sn (6:1)/C in terms of ethanol electro-oxidation activity due to the fact that there was low contact between Pt and tin oxide particles.
Publisher METU
Contributor Uner, Deniz
Date 2010-10-01
Type Ph.D. Thesis
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