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German Conservatism And Its Impact On Turkey&#039

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Title German Conservatism And Its Impact On Turkey'
s Membership Debate
Creator Alioglu, Ozlem
Subject H General Social Sciences 1-99
German Conservatism, Turkey-EU Relations, Privileged Partnership
Description This thesis aims to analyze German Conservatism and the impact of
s policies towards Turkey&rsquo
s membership. The point of departure is
privileged partnership which is offered to Turkey in replace of membership to
the EU. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is a prominent defender of
privileged partnership and previous Chancellor Gerhard Schrö
der who
supported Turkey&rsquo
s accession, had a totally different attitude. It is questioned
whether this sharp change in foreign policy derives from German Conservatism
and Christian Democracy. As a result, it is not possible to claim an essentialist
opposition to Turkey&rsquo
s accession by German Christian Democrats but
privileged partnership is a product of German Conservative thinking which
sees European Integration as a cultural project.
Publisher METU
Contributor Eralp, Atila
Date 2010-09-01
Type M.S. Thesis
Format text/pdf
Language Eng
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