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Design And Manufacturing Of A Tactical Unmanned Air Vehicle

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Title Design And Manufacturing Of A Tactical Unmanned Air Vehicle
Creator Senelt, Engin
Subject TL Aeronautics, Aeronautical Engineering 500-777
Tactical UAV, composite mold manufacturing, composite manufacturing
Description The aim of this study is to describe the conceptual design, performance analysis to validate the design and manufacturing steps of Middle East Technical University Tactical Unmanned Air Vehicle (METU TUAV). The system requirements are adopted from a market study and assumed as is. Utilizing competitor search and conceptual design methodology, the rough parameters of the aircraft are defined and a performance analysis is conducted to validate the requirements. After the design team is content that the design is meeting the requirements, material and production techniques are evaluated.
The male and female molds of the aircraft are manufactured with glass fibre fabric and special mold resin. Using the female molds
with glass, carbon and aramid fibre materials and epoxy matrix
utilizing wet-layup and vacuum bagging techniques the METU TUAV is manufactured. Wing, tail and fuselage skins are manufactured first and the reinforcing structures are integrated and cured inside the skins. Then the skins are assembled and the separate components are obtained. The rear landing gear and tail booms are also manufactured from carbon fibre composites. The individual parts are assembled together in special alignment jigs and the METU TUAV is completed.
Publisher METU
Contributor Alemdaroglu, Nafiz
Date 2010-10-01
Type M.S. Thesis
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Language Eng
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